Thursday, October 02, 2008

Getting dizzy? Sorry, I don't know how to rotate photos in Blogger. Bear with me, as I need your help in deciding which two photographs will grace the walls of my guest bathroom.

Help me decide which of these photos -- if any -- would look good enlarged and in frames in a small bathroom. I'm pressing onward with my "Thrifty Turn Bathrooms into Spa" projects.

I'm only planning to use a couple of photos -- It's a small bathroom! These were taken in Florida, but I don't want them to look "too obviously Florida". I'd like for people to imagine that they could be anywhere romantic and warm -- say on the Mediterranean or in South America, for example. I am looking for frames with a slightly "Old World" feeling.

I'm not the world's greatest photographer, so don't be afraid to say, "Back to the drawing board -- or, rather, back to the photo board for you. "

I have no idea how to rotate photos in Blogger, so please excuse the need to turn your head sideways to see some of them properly. Obviously, when I print them at the photo kiosk, I'll rotate them.

So, how about it? Vote for your favorite two!

Items accomplished so far:

1) Purchased two big white fluffy bath sheets for our master bathroom. I purchased them at Wal-Mart. There are more luxurious towels in the world, but these are nice to the touch and were a good price. DH loves big, over-sized towels. Our old towels are not as big and are getting a little ratty and faded looking. We have a lot of guests and are hard on towels. I have not purchased new ones in quite a while. I usually gravitate toward towels in pretty colors, but I believe that it's good to have a set of basic white on hand. They look fresh, go with anything, and generally wear well.
2) Purchased and put together a five tier chrome shelf for the smaller bathroom. Still deciding if the scale is right, though DH thinks it's ok. On those shelves, I've placed pretty containers with little necessities and luxuries, plus candles. Both my daughter and daughter-in-law love candles. I have several small packages of bath needs. I also placed a mineral soak for athletes so my son and son-in-law won't feel overwhelmed with all the girly stuff. I am going to fold some towels on the bottom shelves. That will make having a house full of guests a lot easier, as I now take out towels for each guest from my linen closet and distribute them. If people can just grab the off the shelves, I think it will be handier.

Still on the agenda: Buy bath pillow for guest bathroom. Someone gave me one for my birthday one year, and I use it still. I love it! Also, figure out a budget-friendly way to pipe soothing music into bathrooms or at least in bedrooms.

Topaztook left some great suggestions for turning my bathrooms into rooms that feel like spas on my last post about my bathroom project. If you're looking for ideas for your own bathrooms, you'll love her comments. I plan to re-read and implement some of her suggestions.



Anonymous said...

I vote for the round stone fountain and the second to the last one -- the one that's a long fountain looking out to sea/sky. I think it provides a nice illusion of space that is good for a small place, and water is always a nice theme in a bathroom. I'm enjoying your bathroom project!

Mom2my9 said...

Hi! About rotating photos in blogger, i think you just have to rotate them in a photo editor before you upload. Hope that helps!

Kelly said...

I vote for photos #2 and #5! What a beautiful FL trip, Elizabeth!

I love the idea of new fluffy white towels...nothing's more getaway-esque and luxurious! How sweet and creative to include the athlete's soak in there, too, for the manly men!