Friday, October 17, 2008

Frugally Fashionable at Home

I've snagged a few great deals for my daytime "at-home" wardrobe. First, I bought two dresses on clearance. One is a simple, forties-inspired dress in a blue color that is somewhere between royal and navy. The other is a simple burgundy cotton. They are comfortable enough to do housework in, yet passably cute enough so that I don't feel "frumpy" in them. I also wear them out to the store or any other place I need to go during the day. I don't always wear dresses at home, but when I do, I seem to find extra enjoyment in tending to my home. These particular dresses were marked down to such a low price that I don't mind wearing them out.

My next buy was a pair of brown Thom McAn flats with round toe, tan stitching and a strap across the bridge of the foot. I found these at K-Mart, of all places -- our run-down K-Mart that I was sure would go out of business once the Super Wal-Mart opened across the street. The store has held it's own after all, and while I am not crazy about K-Mart merchandise, I have found some good bargains there. (These bargains include two rose bushes -- love em!)

The Thom McAn flats have proved to be surprisingly comfortable so far. They are the perfect shoe to wear while managing a home and an at-home business. They are cute enough that I have worn them out a couple of times. Mostly, though, I slip into another pair before leaving the house. I have read some negative things about the quality of today's Thom McAn line, so don't rush out and buy any Thom McAn's without checking them out. However, I'm finding this particular style to be a great buy for the low price.

My other wardrobe find was free. I brought home a barely worn, wonderfully soft, dark-navy denim apron with pockets on the front from my Dad's house. When I tied it over my blue dress, I felt so right working around the house and in my kitchen.

Tip: If you keep a pair of shoes for working inside the home only, you won't track dirt around your house while you wear them. I'm a total barefoot-indoors girl, myself, but in my old age I've realized that a good pair of shoes protect your feet in several ways. They give your feet support, plus they soften the blow if you drop a can on your foot or have some other little household accident. Not only that, but wearing shoes can be a psychological booster. It can signal to your brain: "What we are doing right now is important." Let's get going! As much as I've resisted Lady Lydia's and Flylady's advice on this issue, I'm thinking that they're right after all. Sigh!



Mom2fur said...

K-Mart surprises me with their shoe selection. They even carry Cobbie Cuddlers, which are the most comfortable non-ugly shoes on the planet, LOL!
I bet the 40s-inspired dress is awesome.
Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad you liked the little candy truck. It was a big hit.

Mom2fur said...

Hey, Elizabeth, I just noticed the post on your "Loveliness Abounds" blog about the books you wanted to give away. Are they still available? I love to crochet and I love to cook, so if you still have them, I'd be very interested. (And I love books--yes, I'd take care of them. They'd be in a very good home, LOL!)

Elizabeth said...

Hey mom2fur;

I posted a comment on your blog about the crochet books still needing a good home. I'd love for you to have them.