Thursday, October 09, 2008


I was experimenting with my template today. I'm still using the old blogger on this particular blog, because I would have too much customized stuff to move to a new template. Anyhow, I was excited to learn how to add quotes and photos to the sidebar by posting, using the edit html to get the html code, and then adding the html to the template. In the process, I decided to clear up some blank spaces. Whatever I did, I inadvertantly moved several things from my sidebar to the bottom of my main page.

Does anyone have a suggestion for fixing it?




Anonymous said...

No suggestions, I'm sorry. I thought that if you put widgets on your side bar they are supposed to stay there, LOL.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Our Red House;

Dear hubby fixed my problem.

As for things staying where they're supposed to stay, I'm dangerous in Cyber-space!