Friday, October 03, 2008

For this week's Feminine Friday, I need your help.

My current feminine fun is re-doing my tiny little guest bathroom and my master bathroom to feel more like pretty spas/getaways. I don't have a whole lot to do to the master bathroom -- just a few touches. But, I'm really concentrating on the guest bathroom.

Since we're empty nesters with two open bedrooms, we have a lot of company. So, I want my guest bathroom to be inviting and also convenient. While I'm re-doing it, I'm thinking of my daughter and daughter-in-law for inspiration, but I would like all guests to enjoy the space. I don't want to overdo the frilly thing so much that our male guests, particularly my son and son-in-law don't feel comfortable. It's so fun, though, to make a feminine space for my two lovely daughters.

I'm also using a stay in a luxury hotel as inspiration. I took note of how they do things.

Oh, and my goal is to do this on a teeny budget.

This week I'm deciding which of several pictures I might enlarge and place in frames to put in the guest bathroom. I'm going to take down some wallies of light houses that I've had for eight or nine years and go with more of a spa theme.

So, please read the previous post and cast your vote for which two -- if any -- of the photos might work for my project.


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