Monday, September 19, 2011

It pays to be a classic...

Do you have classic or traditional tastes? If so, this may help you sail through tough economic times. How, you say?

People with classic or traditional tastes often decorate their homes by "shopping" in grandma's attic. Re-purposing some timeless antiques is a low-cost way to create a timeless and inviting look in a home.

Likewise, women with classic or traditional tastes (along with the funky, but vintage-style woman) have a knack for adding heirloom items to their wardrobe. Jewelry, evening bags, and scarves add spice to more modern pieces of clothing.

Since classic and traditional clothing stays in style longer and wears well due to good construction, women who purchase classics as their basic wardrobe pieces can stretch their wardrobes longer without buying much, if anything, new.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

i30 days of smart money choices

We, like many families' would rather not pay $100 a month for cable TV. We use a Roku system. Little did we know that we are part of a significant trend. How about you? Have you investigated ways to save on your entertainment budget, especially with regard to TV?


Friday, September 02, 2011

30 Days of Smart Money Choices: The Casual Wardrobe

Do you have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? One reason might be that you have allocated too much of your wardrobe budget for items that you seldom wear, while you have spent too little on the things you actually wear day to day. Since our society is becoming progressively more casual, chances are a woman who has this problem with her closet may have neglected to buy enough well-made, long-lasting, and flattering casual garments.

The term "casual" covers a lot of ground. Items in the casual part of your wardrobe might include sports and outdoor clothing, clothes to run errands in, clothes you might wear at home, clothes you might wear when running a home business or managing your household, to items you might wear for casual social events. Casual items might include skirts, dresses, pants, tops, shoes, purses, etc.

The one thing casual shouldn't mean is shoddily made. Since we wear our casual clothing more often, it's wise to search for the best quality for the price. That doesn't mean our casual wear must necessarily expensive, but it should be durable, well-fitting, comfortable, and pleasingly presentable.

Casual clothing can express any fashion personality from boho to chic. Obviously, women who have sporty fashion sensibilities will lean toward casual items. (In fact, they may have too many casual items and not enough dressier ones.) Women who like preppy styles and women who have natural tastes will also adore casual items. Women who dress in classic style may also have a special flair for wearing casual clothing, though they will also have dressier items in their closets.

One way to wear casual clothing is to choose a number of basic pieces in neutral colors. These can be dressed up or down through your choice of shoes and accessories. Many women turn their favorite one or two neutrals into sort of an "everyday uniform", which they can pull together quickly and easily.