Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Turning my upstairs bathrooms into a spa...

Dear Hubby's work recently took us to Florida, where we attended a conference in a luxury resort hotel with no choice of less expensive accommodations. This was a strain on the company budget, but a necessary and fruitful experience, nonetheless. Since we were there anyway, I took note of the hotel's service, decorations, table settings, etc. I was charmed by the soft lighting, the many paintings of Victorian ladies and seascapes, etc.

I came home with the idea of turning my guest bathroom into a spa for when my daughter and daughter-in-law or other guests visit. I hope my son and son-in-law and other male guests enjoy it as well. But, my goal is to have the bathroom stocked with all the little necessities and luxuries that women, in particular, enjoy without it being too frou-frou for the men. I also hope to do this on a budget. And, while I'm at it, I'm going to work on the master bathroom, as well.

To that end, I dragged home a put-it-together six-shelf chrome tier. The shelves are small. I had thought I might put it in the larger master bathroom, but, ironically, it fits in our tiny, tiny guest bathroom a little better. I'm not sure yet if it's going to be a little overwhelming, but we'll see. I decided that I would use it as a utility shelf in our storage space if it doesn't work for the bathroom.

I'm going to take out some old wallies of light houses that I've had in the guest bathroom for years. In it's place, I'm going to put photographs of a stucco fountain and some urns with lovely plants in them that I took myself. That bathroom has no windows, so I hope that the pictures of sunny locations will brighten things up a little.

I read an article about how to create a spa atmosphere in your bathrooms. It suggested the following: fluffy towels, a way to play soft music, soft lighting, and candles. Of course, those things come as no surprise.

I welcome any suggestions for my endeavor. When our children and children-in-love are home, they sort of gravitate towards our master bathroom. I want to make the guest bathroom more inviting. Right now, it's adequate, but it's the kind of place where you want to take your shower quickly and get out of there.



Julieann said...

OHHH Elizabeth--You have to share pictures when it is all done!!

I am coming to visit!


Anonymous said...

I once had the pleasure of staying in such a place as well (paid for by my work). One amenity I really enjoyed was the fluffy bathrobe provided by the hotel. Since the sponsoring company had monogrammed them for the guests, we got to take them home -- and mine is now available in my guest bedroom/bathroom area. (Not that any of them ever use it, but that's another story.) So: bathrobe and slippers might be nice.

I also appreciate that "fancy bathrooms" are well-stocked with supplies: extra toothbrushes (frequently available free through CVS deals), toothpaste (same), shampoo/bath soap (if you sign up for Bath & Body Works' email notifications, you will get coupons and notifications of their sales throughout the year, so you can stock up).

Also, any woman who is visiting a strange place enormously appreciates having feminine supplies available in case of emergency. (My 80-plus-year-old grandmother kept some on hand for visiting granddaughters.) These are also available frequently at a reasonable price through combining coupons and sales at places like Walgreen's or CVS - and can be stored attractively either in a closed cabinet or in a basket covered with something.

My favorite item in my bathroom is what's called a "hotel shelf" for towels: it has two different towel racks on the same horizontal plane, so that you can hang more towels in a small space without littering the floor or shower rod. There is also a glass shelf on top of the unit, which could provide more storage space (although mine is currently used to remove things from small fingers).

I second the vote for pictures when you're finished!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Julieann and Topaztook,

I will post pictures.

Topaztook, thanks for the great suggestions! They are very helpful. :)