Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gas Shortage in Nashville

DH and I have flown from our home in TN to a business conference he is attending in Florida. So, I'm writing this in beautiful surroundings, where one can almost forget about local gasoline shortages we've been having in our city and also the economic troubles that are stirring up right now.

Meredith wrote an article about our local situation. I know that many other cities are experiencing shortages, but Nashville seems to be especially hard hit. I'd say that the majority of stations in our city have run out of gasoline. Those that do get in some gasoline experience long, long lines of people trying to get to the pumps. Nashville usually gets its supply of petrol from a certain pipeline that has been greatly affected by the past two hurricanes. The gas companies are diverting some supplies to TN to help us, but it's been a slow process.

As Meredith mentions, some experts chalk up much of our shortage to panic. I do believe that's true in Atlanta, where my son and his wife live. He told us that Atlanta is experiencing shortages only on the weekends, when people seem to panic about not having enough gasoline for the following week. However, he has had no trouble buying gas on weekdays.

I personally think that the shortages in Nashville are too widespread, too consistent, and too acute to be wholly from panic. I must say that the situation has brought out different attitudes in different people. The news reports about people who have hoarded gasoline by topping off their tank as often as they can and by filling up gas cans, as well. The majority of people I know, however, are actively trying to minimize their gasoline usage so that they are not taking someone else's share, and I suspect this is true of Nashvillians in general. For some reason, this doesn't make the news.

For those that haven't voluntarily changed their habits, many stations are imposing limitations on the amount of gas that can be purchased at any one time.

Experts say that the crisis will be over by the end of this week. So, by the time DH and I return to Nashville, things should have returned to normal -- at least as far as gasoline is concerned. As Meredith says, however, this is a wake up call, at least for me. If I am to reach my goal of being a good steward of our family's resources for our family's needs and to share with others, I do need to adapt to changing circumstances. I know the Lord will provide.

What about you? Has your area experienced shortages of any kind -- especially of gasoline? What prices, if any, have risen in your area? Have you noticed a change in your local economy and/or real estate market? What advice or concerns have you to share with us? I'd love to hear from you.


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