Friday, September 12, 2008

Fish Oil Friday...

I really wanted to post Feminine Friday, but our dear Barefoot Mama is taking a short blogging break due to computer issues. Fish Oil Friday just doesn't have that same "zing" does it? But, I do have a question about Fish.

DH and I have been taking enteric (sp?) coated fish oil tablets. They are the first ones I've found that we can take without having that fishy aftertaste. However, now that we're down to the end of the bottle, they are tasting fishier and I'm having some unpleasant reflux as a result. Since I also had a twenty-four hour stomach bug this week, I just am not ready to get back on the fish oil capsule habit yet. I will buy a fresh bottle and see if that helps.

Meanwhile, I bought a box of individually wrapped tilapia filets from Sam's or Wal-Mart a while back. They are quick and easy to cook. I prepared two last night in a non-stick pan and seasoned them with a multi-flavored seasoning salt. DH is not wild about fish, except for salmon or mahi-mahi on the grill. So, I only cook the tilapia from time to time and appreciate the ability to keep them in my freezer.

Apparently, tilapia does not give you the Omega 3 benefits that fatty fish -- such as salmon, tuna, etc. -- do.

But, I found this post from a nurse. The italics at the bottom are mine:

Q: Is tilapia one of the fish high in omega-3 fat?
A: No. Tilapia has only about one gram of fat altogether in a serving, unless you add more fat when cooking. Consequently, the amount of omega-3 fat in tilapia is much less than the amount in fatty fish like salmon, Atlantic mackerel, sea bass, rainbow trout, albacore tuna, herring and sardines. However, tilapia is still a good meal choice. It's a sweet, mild fish that is great for people who don't like a fishy taste. It's also wonderful when you want to use a flavorful sauce or seasoning that the fish won't compete with. You don't have to look for fish with high amounts of omega-3 fat, if you want to eat better. Simply having any kind of fish twice a week has been linked with health benefits.

Hmm...Is eating tilapia really as good for your health as eating the fish high in omega-3's? What do y'all think?

Do you take fish oil supplements? If so, have you found a fish oil supplement that you really like?



Anonymous said...

Try keeping your fish oil pills in the freezer. It works! A tip from Dr. Oz!!! Bonnie

God's Princess said...

Fish oil is great, it's far too good to not take at all. Bonnie is right by the way :-)