Monday, December 22, 2008

Today's day book is abbreviated. I need to get on to some other things. But, I'll post more details later.

Outside my window: Night has come, and it's unusually cold outside -- It was only 12 degrees in our mid-South city this morning!! It's supposed to warm back up in time for Christmas.
What I'm wearing...a necklace that my wonderful children and children-in-law gave me for Christmas. It's made with a diamond that came from a ring that my late aunt owned. Wasn't that thoughtful of my children?
I'm creating...I'm knitting a scarf out of yarn colored in pink and green -- it's really for a baby afghan. We traveled out of town this weekend, and i wanted something to do in the car. I think of our car as being very smooth riding. However, it's a challenge to knit in the dark, over rough road from construction, and with very slippery needles -- not to mention I haven't picked up knitting needles in quite some time, so my skills are rusty. I enjoy the soothing rhythm of knitting, though.
Around the house...After having had a bout with asthma last week and traveling over the weekend, I hit the wall today. But, I caught up with my rest today and feel ready to tackle unpacking, cleaning my house for the holiday, getting a little work done on my at-home business, and finishing up some last minute Christmas errands in the next couple of days.
I'm hoping...everyone has a wonderful holiday season.
Plans for this week...pick up my father from his assisted living center so he can stay with us for several days...go to my in-laws for Christmas Day...stay busy with in-town family so as not to dwell on the fact that this is the first Christmas since our oldest was born that we have not had all of our children with us on Christmas Day...In fact, this will be our first time without all or any of them here. But, we saw them all at Thanksgiving, which is our family's favorite holiday -- and that was just wonderful!



TopazTook said...

I'm sure you will have a wonderful Christmas with your father.

Thanks for visiting my holiday home tour post. I like the cloth, too, but I'm never quite sure what to do with it.

The clock is not old; it was DH's and my Christmas present to each other a few years ago. It's from the Amana Furniture Company in Iowa.

Julieann said...


Merry Christmas my friend.