Monday, December 01, 2008

Outside My Window...A few flakes of snow are turning to drizzling rain as they hit the ground. My cat begged and begged to go out, and I finally let her -- though I do hope she comes back soon as I can't go out and look for her. In the summer, she was terrified of two large cats in our area, and rightfully so as they did give her a lot of trouble. So, she did not want to go out. Now, in the fall, we cannot keep her inside. For some reason, the cat chow that she begs from a neighbor has become more alluring than the very same stuff in the bowl in our nice kitchen. Plus, she's young and full of energy and loves to wander now that her feline friends have let up a bit on their bullying.
I am's nice and peaceful to be in today. I am also thinking of all that I could and should be doing if I weren't ill with some kind of respiratory infection. But, it hasn't been too hard to take dear husband's admonition to rest today. So, I prefer to meditate on the fact that I have a nice, quiet, warm house in which to recover. At our dear daughter's suggestion, we all helped at a shelter for families over the Thanksgiving holiday, so I suppose that I am extra-sensitive right now to the fact that having a house and having private space is a blessing.
I am thankful for...a warm bed and a soft pillow when I need to lie down.
From the learning rooms...I was excited over the weekend to see how daughter and daughter-in-law, both of them so dear and both still newlywed to their young husbands, are learning new things -- knitting, cooking, etc. It's funny how when you get married, these things suddenly become even more fascinating.
From the kitchen...Let's just say that since I am under the weather, it's a good thing we have holiday leftovers. I have a ham bone saved from the holidays, and I can't wait to cook beans or a nice soup with it.
I am wearing...warm p.j.s and a sweater. It's not a pretty sight, but I hope to have the energy to spruce up a little later on.
I am creating...not much at the moment, but hoping to feel well enough to sew a bit in the afternoon or evening.
I am going...nowhere. I'm just going to rest, rest, rest.
I am reading...a sappy Christmas book and loving every minute of it.
I am be able to breathe better tomorrow.
I am hearing...peace and quiet.
Around the house...lots needs doing after the weekend. I can't wait to dive in.
One of my favorite things...Thanksgiving!
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Get well.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

This was the sunny view outside our hotel window when I accompanied DH on a business trip in September. Sending sunny thoughts your way! :)


suzannah said...

thanks for returning the visit...and i like your excuse!

i think you're right that it's not necessarily an age thing...probably more of a well-to-do episcopalian thing:)

may your rest be truly restorative. advent is the season for waiting, anyway, not doing--enjoy your moments of stillness. blessings.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Suzannah,

Thanks for the get well wishes. I will remember your thoughts as I enjoy my moments of stillness.