Sunday, December 21, 2008

Great resources, great gifts...

For some reason, women are so much easier to buy gifts for than men are -- or, at least I think so. I was just thinking of three great gifts (mostly books) to give women and young ladies who aspire to acquire some domestic skills. These would help equip a woman to manage her home and love her family. Moreover, they're simply fun.

1. Make your own clothes by Marie Clayton. Comes with software and free patterns. Can be found at Jo-Ann's. Perfect for the young and stylish woman who wants to begin sewing.

2. A one year subscription to Taste of Home Magazine. Today, we can get so many recipes of the Internet. Also, most new brides are given cookbooks. However, the recipes in Taste of Home appeal to the way most people really eat. 12 months issues are more than enough to inspire and educate a woman in cooking for her family. Plus, a young lady can read an issue, decide what she wants to keep out of it, and pass it on to others who may enjoy it.

3. Klutz certified "Quilting" -- beginning quilting for young ladies -- found at Michael's. (Note: I was looking for a kid's beginning book of quilting that I have, but couldn't find it. I saw this title, isntead. It looks interesting. Even for those of us who are no longer "tweens" or "teens" children's craft materials can help us learn new skills, too.



TopazTook said...

I really credit Taste of Home with teaching me how to be a better cook once I was living out of my parents' home. It made it easy to try vegetables that were different than what I had grown up with, for example, because the instructions were so clear.

I also enjoyed their "Quick Cooking" magazine (now "Simple and Delicious"). Both magazines also have annual compilation cookbooks.

As for the children's books, I hope some day to teach myself crochet with the "Mary Frances Knitting and Crocheting Book" by Jane Eayre Fryer.

Elizabeth said...

Taste of Home is great, isn't it?

Your knitting and crocheting books sounds great. Come on over to the Project Home Economics blog early in the next year. We'll be doing some crochet and knitting projects -- with instructions.