Monday, February 11, 2008

It's Merry Monday!

Time for some positive news:

Twins in womb save mom's life by dislodging tumor. Upon cancer diagnosis, mother given option of aborting her babies in order to get treatment for herself. She declined. Her in-utero twins actually saved her life. Read how this happened.

81 year old doorman wins award - says his secret to his 46 years of success in his job is that he loes people.

14 year old boy saves woman from icy waters.


Hadias said...

Elizabeth...In response to your comments regarding the use of fats in todays kitchens, I totally agree that the fats are not nurned off as easily because of the less physically demanding work that we do today.

Also, aboutthe oil can with the strainer that you were referring to, my MIL owns one that she bought at a yard sale. She said that her mother had one like it.

I would love to get one for myself since I do reuse the oil from fried chicken and french fries.

I also enjoyed the chapter on soups. Reading it has led me to stop throwing away the last few tablespoons of leftover gravys and mashed potatoes. I have began saving them in the freezer to add to soups and as gravy thickeners.

Thank you for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

I wish I had kept my mom's -- not really for use, but for sentiment.