Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fashion 2008 -- Colors

Would you like some idea of what colors and textures of material will be fashionable this spring, summer, and fall? If so, check out these sites:

The Color Association of the United States
The Color Association of the United States lists spring and summer colors for youth, women, men, and interiors. I found this link posted on this blog: Thoughts from a Color Analyst which I recommend for anyone wanting to figure out how to make color work for you.

Pantone Fall 2008 report
Actually, Pantone projects colors for spring and summer, as well, which you can access from the home page.

This article is someone's digest of the Fall 2008 Pantone report

Want to give your blog a fashion update, as well? Check out this article.

I did an earlier post about this same subject back in the fall, but now that 2008 is actually well underway, I think the fashion forecast is clearer -- for me, anyway.

If you really want to be on the cutting edge, check out what's on the horizon for 2009!
I've barely moved into this millennium fashion wise, but, oh, those designers are already thinking way ahead!


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