Friday, February 01, 2008

Part I: Pride Goeth Before A Fall -- Literally
Part II -- Shallow pantry shelves -- Suggestions anyone?

Part I: Some of our relatives followed us home from an extended family dinner so that they could see the new paint and arrangement of our living room/dining room. I had consulted the women for ideas, and I was eager to show off the results.

I was the first to enter the living room. What did I see but the great mirror that had been above our mantel lying on the floor, and a Chinese ginger jar, which had belonged to my parents, lying in smithereens on the hearth. I had inherited the French style mirror and have painted it a couple of different times to suit two different decorating phases. The wood at the top chipped in the fall, but I hope I can repair it.

I was totally bewildered how such a heavy mirror could suddenly tumble down from the mantel after staying put for seven years. But, our cat's nervous behavior led me to believe that she was a culprit in the mess. I must have pushed the mirror a little off balance when I set the jar up there, and she must have jumped onto the mantel and knocked it off.

Oh, well. It's just stuff. But, I did like that jar and mirror.

Part II:
Sundrenched Moments has organized the pantry I'd love to have, and she did a great job on her fridge, as well. (Are those pink aprons or tablecloths hanging at the top -- pink in a pantry. How blissful!) I do have many of my things in glass canisters already, and I do try to group like things together, as she did. I'd like to go for an old-fashioned store kind of look, with pretty antique looking labels like Sundrenched's or like the ones I saw on a segment of Martha Stewart.

However, my pantry is a little unusual in dimension, I think. The five shelves are 48 inches long and 8 inches deep. Underneath the bottom shelf, I stash a three-tier rolling storage cart on the left and my bread maker on the right.

Does anyone else have a similar style pantry? If so, would you mind sharing how you have organized yours?

Once I get my living room curtains made, I'm going to tackle pantry organization, so I'd love any ideas you might have.



Miss G said...

Elizabeth, so, so sweet of you to mention me on your blog! I wish you the best with your pantry organization. The glass canisters are actually on wire shelving bought at Target or Gardenridge (I can't remember which) on one wall of my kitchen. I hope yours turns out just as you'd like! Kelly

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Miss G.

I loved your finished organization!