Monday, January 26, 2009

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FOR TODAY January 26, 2009
Outside My Window...It's another cloudy Monday. I never thought we had so many overcast Mondays until I started keeping track of them on the Simple Woman's Daybook. Perhaps, this is just an unusual weather year, as we do normally have lots of sun during the winter. It's in the summer that we usually get really hazy days. Our high today is only 41 degrees F and it will drop to about 32 or 33 degrees tonight. It has been an unusually cold winter for us, I think. From what I hear, I think it's been an unusually cold winter all over the U.S.
I am happy I am that we will celebrate my wonderful husband's 53rd birthday this weekend, Lord willing.
I am thankful wonderful husband and 28 years of marriage.
From the learning rooms...I know this is supposed to be about home schooling children, but my children are grown and married. I still seem to be in the "home school of life", however. :)
From the kitchen...I'm changing plans rather quickly, as I had planned a small dish for my husband and myself, but I did not foresee that I would need to take a dish to a neighboring family who are having an emergency. So, I've decided to freeze the small amount of beef I had plannned to brown for my dish tonight and, instead, throw a bunch of chicken pieces into the oven with some barbecue sauce.
I also tried a new quick and easy cookie recipe that a friend shared with me at Christmas. You start with one box of cake mix -- any flavor except one that has pudding mix in it. Stir in two eggs and 1/2 cup oil. Roll into small balls or drop by teaspoonfuls onto a cookie sheet. (You can roll the cookies in chopped nuts, if you like.) Bake at 350 degrees for 7 1/2 to 10 mintues. (I actually had to cook mine a little longer than the recipe calls for, but I made large cookies. I think next time, I will make mine a bit smaller and, perhaps, shorten the cooking time.)
I am wearing...a black skirt, black tights, a pink turtleneck, and some gold earrings that I just realized today I've had for about 30 years. How can I have had a pair of earrings for thirty years, when I'm only 29 -- and counting -- and counting a lot. :0
I am creating...hoping to have time soon to get back to my apron project.
I am reading...a library book which is a collection of four novels by Grace Livingston Hill and several short stories by Isabella Alden. To tell the truth, I'm enjoying the short stories much better than the novels.
I am get a lot done this week.
I am hearing...just heard the oven beeping to tell me it reached the correct temp a few seconds ago.
Around the house...lots to do!
One of my favorite things...sleeping or napping under quilts.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: the birthday dinner for my hubby.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

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