Friday, January 16, 2009

This print is entitled something like "Summer Day in the Garden". Well, it's anything but a summer's day here. Our Southern city is undergoing an arctic blast. It was only 3 degrees this morning!! That is very unusual for our city, though I do remember occasions when it has been this cold or even a few degrees colder.

I ventured out in this afternoon and thought I'd be the only person shopping at Wal-Mart. However, they closed all the schools due to the cold, and it seemed that tons of families and teens headed for Wal-Mart. At least, it was delightfully warm inside.

While shopping, I couldn't resist a bouquet of white tulips for only $5.00. The flowers just spoke to me of spring.

I wore black rain boots with white polka dots on them --from Tar-jay. I know they're sort of youthful for someone my age, but they're cute and warm and my dear hubby likes me in them. I also layered on a rose-colored knit shawl that dh brought me from a trip to South America, my coat, gloves, and a beret over jeans and a long sleeved heavy turtleneck. Would you believe I actually was sweating underneath all of that! But, since I have chronic asthma, I was determined to dress waermly.

I was also encouraged to strike out in the cold by the knowledge that my Southern born daughter is adjusting to life up north with the hubby of her dreams. Her part of the country has hit the negative temps lately. She's searching for a new coat, as her current coat is fine for here but not for Chicago.

When I was a little girl, my father had to make several business trips to Chicago. Whenever he put on a certain heavy coat, I knew he was flying up there for the day.

My dear son and his beautiful new bride had thought it might be nice to move to Chicago to be near his sister and brother-in-law and some friends. A visit over New Year's has convinced them otherwise. They hit town during a Chicago-style cold spell dressed for the weather they had just left in Atlanta.

It's all in what you're used to, though. As some of you know, I just finished reading Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder. The family thought nothing of temps way in the negatives, but continued on with work and play. I noticed though that she describes the family as eating some huge and hearty meals. The good old American diet furnished enough calories to withstand drafty houses in winter and hard work on the farm all year round.

I followed this link from Homeliving Helper: Whimsey Pink.
(Did you really think I could resist a site with that name?) Anyhow, the photographs looked so fresh and so springlike. If it weren't for the fact that my manly dh would be uncomfortable in these surroundings, this would be the colors of my ideal home. As it is, I have several touches that are similar.



TopazTook said...

I hope we *all* warm up soon! Three degrees is too cold for you -- and my husband's hometown hit 40 degrees below zero yesterday!! (Here, we were "only" in the 20s below.) Brrrr!

(You are right about layers being the key. If you ever need to go out in cold temps again, and you don't have long underwear...and really, why would you?...tights under your slacks also work well for insulation.)

Elizabeth said...

20's below -- That is cold!