Saturday, January 10, 2009

Do you enjoy beautiful quotes as much as I do?

Here's one I just found in an online reprint of a sermon by J. R. Miller:

"Wherever a true wife comes, home is always around her. The stars may be the canopy over her head, the glow-worm in the night's cold grass be the fire at her feet, but home is where she is; and for a noble woman it stretches far around her,—better than houses with ceilings of cedar, or with paintings of the masters, shedding its quiet light for those who else were homeless."

Isn't that inspiring?



Anonymous said...

Lovely quote, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Miller has become one of my favorite authors. Thank you for sharing this lovely, thought-provoking quote!


Linda said...


check out my blog, too.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Anonymous, Calm, and Linda:

Glad you enjoyed the quote.