Wednesday, January 28, 2009

February Focus: Love

It's the countdown to DH's birthday on the last day of January, and, then, February and Valentine's Day will arrive. I am still focusing on being diligent in the sense of paying attention to detail -- not just in the things I love and am naturally good at, but in all things. I'm applying diligence to working with love and working efficiently.

My February focus is love. To that end, I've thought up five practical ways to show love to my husband:

1) Remember that what speaks love to my husband is not necessarily what speaks love to me. I respond to a lot of affection, words of affirmation, and time spent together. My husband loves these things, as well. However, my husband feels especially loved when the household is running in order and when I show respect for his domestic needs and wishes. When I realize that, it makes doing all the little things of running a household sweeter. Doing laundry, for example, is no longer just a duty, but a way of showing love for my dearest companion in life. It is also a way of honoring the Lord, who wants us to do our work as if for him. Also, understanding that this is dear hubby's language of love enables me to understand that when he does some act of service for me, he is telling me that he loves me.
2) Re-read the Five Sense of Romantic Love, which is inspired by Song of Solomon, and employ those sense in creating a beautiful romantic life together. Particularly pay attention to this verse from Song of Solomon: "I have become in his eyes like one bringing contentment (shalom). 8:10b Shalom in Hebrew means peace, a sense 0f well-being, satisfaction, wholeness, and contentment. To wish someone Shalom in Hebrew means to wish them the fullness of God's care, blessing, abundance and the well-being that God's tender care brings. Of course, our husbands can find the full depths of shalom only in their relationship to the Lord. But, what a blessing to know that we can be part of God's plan for blessing our husbands with shalom!
3) Rejoice in our stage of life and work with it. Every stage of married life has its blessings and its challenges. Appreciating the one you're in and working with it to make the most of your life together is both an art and an act of faith in the Lord. My dearest companion in life and I are in the empty nest stage of marriage. Our blessings and challenges are different than the young couple who have yet to have children or the thirty something couple with many children in the home. To wish to be other than where you are in life right now is to murmur against the Lord's timing. To keep your love for the Lord and for each other fresh in every season of life is to accept the Lord's timing. That brings peace and beauty to a marriage.
4) Study God's amazing love. We love because he first loved us. Only when we are continually growing in our understanding of God's love are we truly able to love others -- including our husbands.
5) Take care of my health and trust the Lord with my health. Since I have some chronic health challenges, this one is a big one for me. I find it to be challenging! Yet, I know that if I trust the Lord's will for my health and also exercise good stewardship of my body, I will be a happier and, perhaps, healthier, companion for my dearest hubby. Also, I will be a happier and perhaps healthier servant of the Lord.



Buffy said...

The book based on the Song of Solomon looks interesting. Thanks for the tip.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing from your heart ~ it truly was a blessing to read this morning!