Sunday, November 09, 2008

Tomorrow (Monday) I'm starting Project Home Economics: A One Year Course. If you like, follow along with me as I give myself a refresher course in how to manage a home well. Whether you're a future keeper at home or whether you've been keeping a home for fifty years, we'll all learn something together.

I'm going to leave the blog up for a while even after the year is finished -- if the Lord wills -- so you can jump in any time.

I'm going to make suggestions for things we can do to improve our home keeping. I'll try to include some basic exercises for beginners and some more challenging things for those of us who have been keeping a home for a while. Do as much or as little as you like -- or simply read along.

Remember, I'm not an expert, but a fellow student of the art and science of home keeping along with you. We're taking this journey together. So, feel free to leave your comments so that all of us can have the benefit of your home keeping experiences. I will also ask some to be "guest" bloggers.

I'll try to include lots of free reference material from the Internet, as all as suggest some books you might find in the library.

In preparation, you might consider starting two notebooks:

1) A simple notebook to jot down your progress and also to save any information you want to keep. This could be a three ring binder or a plain spiral notebook.

2) A notebook we shall call, "My Book of Days". This can also be a plain spiral notebook. Or, it could be a pretty journal or even a scrapbook. In this notebook, we're going to jot down encouraging thoughts and also record the happy memories that we are building in our home. This is the type of notebook you'll want to pull out on those days when you wonder if you're making a difference or if you're lagging in motivation. So, feel free to make it as lovely and delightful as you'd like it to be.

We'll also keep things rolling along at the Merry Rose!


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