Monday, November 17, 2008

Outside my window: It's a blustery fall day, the kind of day when you enjoy being cozy inside. The sky was crisp and clear this morning, though.
I am thinking...that it will be dark so soon. I am looking forward to January, when the days will begin to lengthen. Of course, I don't want to rush there, for life is not to be wished away and there are many wonderful things that, if the Lord wills, will happen between now and the longer days.
I am thankful for...being near enough to my father to be with him in his old age. He was such a wonderful father to me. My mother has already passed away, and I am an only child, so this is extra important to me. I'm also glad he has gotten to see my children grow up and become happily married.
From the learning rooms...I know this means a home school room, but God seems to be teaching me lessons in all of my rooms!
From the kitchen...It will just be moi, as dear hubby is off to a meeting tonight. So, haven't decided what I will do. P.B. and honey is sounding good to me. Or, maybe banana and cottage cheese.
I am short sleeved sweater, red top, black jeans, and did have on pointy-toe flats but now have on sneakers.
I am creating...a home economics blog
I am either work on my home and home business tonight or go over to a friend's for coffee.
I am reading...Amish Grace, The Prayer of Jesus, the book of Luke
I am finish sewing living room curtains
I am hearing...weaves blowing in the breeze.
Around the house...We're cutting out TV, except for a very few select things. Even if we do manage to find something decent to watch, we're uneasy with many of the commercials.
One of my favorite cuddling on the sofa and watching good movies with dear hubby. Any suggestions for wholesome ones?

Can't wait to see our newest newlyweds this weekend.


hip chick said...

Your day sounds lovely. I know what you mean about the TV. I find myself watching less and less of it. I know it's really early but have you watched The Bishop's Wife yet this year? It's an old Christmas movie with Loretta Young, David Niven, and Cary Grant.

Susanne said...

Your daybook has such an air of contentment.

I hate the commercials on tv too. They need to have a rating on them, some are so bad. We love our PVR (DVR/Tivo) for that very reason. We can bypass the commercials.

Thanks for coming by and leaving me a nice comment.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Hip chick:

Love, love love the Bishop's wife!! Glad to find another fan. No, I haven't watched it this year. thanks for reminding me about it. I'll have to put it in the Netflix cue or see if they have it online. I watch some version of a Christmas Carol every year -- I always get so excited when Scrooge repents and gets happy. It's cheesy, I know, but I love it. :)

Hi Suzanne,

Yes, we need to tape what we do watch so we can by-pass the commercials. Thanks for your kind encouragement.

I do so love reading everyone's Daybooks that it really makes Monday fun.

Our Peculiar Life said...

Wonderful daybook! thanks for sharing.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Our Peculiar Life,

Isn't it fun to read all of the Daybooks?

Julieann said...

I so enjoy these daybook entries!

I have an award for you at my blog--come on over!