Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Monday! A Wedding, the Flu, a blustery and wet fall day, a wonderful quote, and a report on bathroom re-do!

I hope everyone's having a happy Monday. I hope to jump over to the Simple Woman's Daybook and do the exercise and read everyone else's exercises soon. I may end up doing the Monday exercise on Tuesday, though.

We had a wonderful time at a family wedding this weekend. The older I get, the sappier I am about weddings, and I can really relax and enjoy them now that all my children are married and all I have to do at extended family weddings is just show up!

On the way home, however, DH came down with the flu. I am having some respiratory issues, but I don't think it's the same thing that DH has, and I'm getting around better than he is. So, I've had the opportunity to take care of him as best as I can. He's managing to work from home -- albeit at a slow, slow pace.

I'm so thankful we can both be warm inside on this blustery, wet, fall day. Don't you just enjoy your home on a chilly day when you get to stay inside and be snug? I do.

I've been thinking a lot about sharing our blessings with others who do not have homes. Serving this way is really on dear daughter's and her husband's hearts, and they are bubbling over with excitement as they tell what they are learning with us. Both they and my son and his wife are volunteering at shelters. I am finding that their age group at our church are very interested in actively serving, and I am happy to see young people so occupied. (Now, that just made me sound really, really old -- the way older people used to talk about my group when we were young!! I'm actually young youngish in my prime.)

Our cat was cooped up inside while we were gone, and she has tried twice to go outside today. Once, she made it as far as underneath my husband's car, which was parked in our driveway. I have had cats who are very in tune with the weather outside and who know when to stay in and when to go out. I do not think this particular poor kitty realizes that if it was wet just thirty minutes ago, it is probably still wet and cold. So, she mournfully checks the front door from time to time, hoping that at any moment to discover sunshine and warmth.

So, what does all this have to do with our bathroom redo? Our dear daughter flew down from her home and spent the night with us before riding with us to the wedding. She was my test case for the "Spa feel" bathroom! She noticed it right away and especially appreciated the shelves with all of the little necessary do-dads that one might forget to pack.

So far, I've put in the said shelves, covered the shelves with old embroidered hand towels of my late mother's, placed the items on the shelves, covered the blue shower curtain with white eyelet, replaced the old blue bathmat (which I did not realize was falling apart on the other side) with white ones with a blue and pink flower, and have taken down my old light house wallies and a few pictures.

Still left to do: paint walls a light blue, move my prints from France that advertise old French soaps into the bathroom -- more appropriate place than the bedroom where they are now, and come up with one more piece of art from around the house or something that I make myself.

Those of you who have been kindly indulging me by pretending to be interested in my little project will remember that I was committed to doing this on a budget, and, so far, I've spent very little. Someone pointed out that the white bathmats might not wear well and, thus, might end up in having to invest more later on. I agreed and actually intended to change them out with some fluffy and bright blue mats I had seen in Wal-Mart. However, I left the white mats in place so long that I just ended up keeping them. I have found that that type of mat, which has no plastic backing, is very washable, but I've also found that white objects attracts dirt and can look dingy. So, we'll see how they do.

And, as promised, here's a wonderful sight that came from Caryn's site.

One of the secrets of a happy life is to dwell much upon your likes and to ignore your dislikes. If your mind tends to criticism, fault-finding, and disapproval, it will readily find occasion every hour of the day. There are unfortunate temperaments which dwell habitually upon the disagreeable aspects of life. The result is a mental condition of perpetual fretfulness and unrest. It is possible for you to form the habit of directing your thoughts to pleasant, agreeable, helpful subjects, so that our mind will be in a uniform condition of peace, poise, and healthy optimism. As you dwell upon the best aspects of life, you will find your own life becoming happier, better, and more productive. Dwell upon your mercies, not upon your miseries.

This fits in so well with Julieann's wonderful post on my companion blog. She's a great example of someone who dwells upon her mercies and not upon her miseries. I always enjoy reading her blog, because her enthusiasm always shines through.

Did you notice this sentence in the quote from Caryn's lovely site:If your mind tends to criticism, fault-finding, and disapproval, it will readily find occasion ever hour of the day. Ouch! (I might add that this is all to easy for those of us who tend to worry if we are not disicplined in our thoughts, keeping them focused on the Lord who promises perfect peace if our thoughts are stayed on him.)

And, this one: There are unfortunate temperaments which dwell habitually upon the disagreeable aspects of life. Double ouch!!

Yet, I like the conclusion. As you dwell upon the best aspects of life, you will find your own life becoming happier, better, and more producdtive. Dwell upon your mercies and not upon your miseries.

Good thought for the day!



hip chick said...

I love that thought. I have a little thing that I do and I share it with anyone I can...
It's a bit to lengthy to go into here so I am going to post it on my blog. thank you so much for posting on this as these things have been very heavy on my heart of late.
And, I know what you mean about getting sappier as we get older...what is up with that??? Not that I am getting older though...

Elizabeth said...

Hi Hip chick:

I enjoyed reading about your creative solution.

I don't know what it is with the sappy thing. When did I become a middle aged woman who cries at weddings and baby-talks to pets?

Jessica said...

Great post! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for stopping by mine.