Friday, July 18, 2008

It's Feminine Friday again...

Last weekend, I enjoyed visiting the home of a woman I really admire. She is an example of how unselfish love is such an essential ingredient of femininity -- and, in the larger picture -- of being like Christ. She has survived a life-threatening illness, and I am so awed by how faithfully she has come through it. She and her husband showed us last minute hospitality after they had both been out of the home all day serving others and even though she was not feeling her best physically. They were smiling and giving. They made us feel so welcome, as if they we were doing them a favor by visiting them when really they were serving us. Their house was neat and cozy and decorated with treasures that she has re-finished or inherited or found at garage sales. In their average sized lot, they have created a lovely and peaceful garden oasis - - complete with a little pond -- and they are happy to invite others to share their garden with them. All week long, I've been savoring the time we got to spend relaxing in that garden.

She often stops by garage sales and has a stash of inexpensive little gifts which she picks up with her loved ones in mind. You cannot visit her or have a visit from her without her presenting you with some little something that delights you. Somehow, she manages to shower her family with love, keep her house beautifully, lay down her life to serve her church and her neighbors, and deal with some physical issues, without becoming frazzled or exhausted or grumpy. I came away inspired to imitate her.




Julieann said...

Totally inspiring post--what a lovely lady she is!


Elizabeth said...

Hi Julieann,

She is a lovely lady. I always treasure having great examples to follow.