Thursday, July 10, 2008

God-motivated in homemaking or self-and-circumstance motivated?

Where I put my focus has everything to do with my success and happiness in homemaking.

When I'm God-centered:

1) I make my relationship with God the central and most important priority of my life.
2) I seek the kingdom and his righteousness and trust God to take care of our daily needs and tomorrow's happenings. I trustfully obey God and let Him carry my burdens.
3) I look for ways to use my home and my time to share the gospel and serve those in need.
4) I gladly and calmly show hospitality.
5) I focus on the needs of family and guests. I am creative as a way of using my God-given talents. I am happy if others are pleased with the hospitality I show and if they encourage me, but I do not need that.
6) I have a good balance between planning my day well and being flexible to God's plans for my day.
7) I surrender my time to the Lord and also get my husband's input. My priorities are in order.
8) I take suggestions well, especially from my husband, because I want to be the best steward I can be of my life and my home.
9) I love others out of respect for the Lord; my love is unconditional; my love focuses on what the other person really needs; I am secure in God's love and therefore can love others even if they do not respond the way I think they should.
10) I listen before speaking. I depend on the Lord for wisdom in what to say. My speech is kind; I speak the truth in love; I speak what benefits and builds up others.

When I am self-and-circumstance centered:

1) I let other things crowd my relationship to the Lord.
2) I fret about what we'll eat and what we'll wear and about all that I have to do tomorrow. I let things become a burden, rather than a joy. I give off a worried, harried air instead of a peaceful, calm, and quiet spirit.
3) I let many days get by me without serving others outside of my own family.
4) I get flustered with serving others.
5) I am creative in order to gain praise from family and guests, and I am disappointed if I don't get it.
6) I do not plan well, and I become unsettled when the day doesn't go as I had envisioned.
7) My priorities are out of balance. I try to do everything I want to do and everything God has in mind for me to do, too, and I overload myself. I am selfish with my time.
8) I become defensive when someone, especially my husband, suggests that I have room for improvement.
9) I love out of my natural self; unselfish love is mixed with selfishness; I show love and affection in order to gain love and affection; I am insecure.
10) I talk more than I listen; I talk about what I want to talk about instead of being interested in what others have to say; I can be snappy when not feeling well; I speak what makes me feel good in the moment instead of considering what builds others up.

Doing it God's way is the happier plan!



Lauren said...

Ooh, great thoughts, Elizabeth. I think I need to print this out :)

Elizabeth said...

Hi Lauren

These are things I need to keep reminding myself. :)

Mrs. U said...

Hi Elizabeth!
This is a WONDERFUL post and one I would do well to remember!! OOOOOOOOHHHH how often I get so focused on "me" in the home, telling myself that it's for my family, but really it is all about my selfishness. That happens, of course, when I have let my time with the Lord go to the backburner. Oh how I need my time with Him!

Thank you for this post!! Wonderful reminder, indeed!

Mrs. U

Elizabeth said...

Hi Mrs. U.

Good point. I think it's very easy for we homemakers to do things thinking we are doing it for our family, when really we are doing it for self. We can serve them so much better when we take a look at what they really want and need.

Buffy said...

I loved the first list especially. It's the sort of thing I should read every morning!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Buffy,

Well, I write about the things I need to remember, myself. :)