Saturday, December 29, 2007

Trying a new product by Chlorox...

I don't know if I'm the last person in the U.S. to come across Chlorox's new line of "green" cleaners, or not. Yesterday, however, when I ran to our local Neighborhood Wal-Mart Market for a few items, I saw Chlorox Green Works products on a display that was separated from the rest of the cleaning products. Of course, displaying a line of products in this way is marketing ploy to inspire you to pick up an item without going back to compare it against other lines. It's also a way of calling attention to a new line of products.

Well, yesterday, the marketing ploy worked for me! I was intrigued by the idea of Chlorox offering green products, and I decided to give their line a try.

I bought the all-purpose cleaner, though there are a number of other offerings in the Chlorox Green Work's products. It cost me about $2.98 for a 32 fluid ounce bottle. The label claims the product is natural and all-purpose.

The ingredients listed on the bottle are largely plant based, and the spray has a wonderful nice clean smell. I did a quick little clean-up, and it worked fine. However, I haven't used it enough yet to know how it will hold up long-term on tough germs and dirt. But, if it works, I may end up liking this line of products even better than Mrs. Greenday's. I think it will be a less expensive option than Mrs. Greenday's, too.

I don't always buy green cleaners. One reason is that they can be pricey, though that is not always so. Another reason is that I've researched the issue and have found (to my surprise) that some regular, traditional cleaning agents -- such as bleach -- aren't so bad for our health and the environment -- provided that you don't overuse them and you do follow the directions.

So, I treat myself to certain "green" cleaners, but I don't use them exclusively. However, if given the option of buying safe "green" products at reasonably competitive prices, that might change my buying habits.

Have you ever used Chlorox Green Works products? If so, how do they work for you? How are they priced in your area?


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