Monday, December 31, 2007

More Products to Consider -- Share, Share, Share your Experience!

Happy New Year, Everyone!! DH and I just got home from a party, and we're checking email before ringing in 2008 together.

In the comments section of my earlier post, Porkchop's Mommy,
suggests a line of natural products -- Holy Cow -- that she found at Wal-Mart. She included the link to their home page. Apparently, the Wal-Mart prices are lower than what is listed on the home page. Read her comment for more information.

I haven't tried these, myself, but they sound interesting, and I thought I'd throw them out there for discussion. I'd love to get a bottle in this line and compare the ingredients, price, and effectiveness against the Chlorox Green Works.

Thanks, Porkchop's Mommy, for telling me about this line.


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