Friday, December 28, 2007

Don't worry...I didn't buy these!

This photo is of a Marc Jacobs spring 2008 shoe. I'm not sure if it's intended for anyone to actually wear, or if it was designed to be an attention-catching item at fashion week.

At any rate, it's a good thing that I'm no super model. If I had been handed that shoe to wear down a runway, I'd have spent forty-five minutes back stage just figuring out how to put my foot in it. And, if I had managed to get it on, I'm sure I'd have taken only a few wobbly steps forward before tumbling into the audience.

I'm too old-fashioned to be a true fashionista, I guess. I like the heels of my shoes to be at the...well...where the heel of the shoe is supposed to go.

But, each to his own taste, and there may be some graceful readers who really love the shoe and who would find it easier to get around in than I would.

I did, however, go shoe shopping with my Christmas gift card last night, and I found some great deals. I brought home some forest green suede AK Anne Klein pumps with kitten heels, Naturalizer wine colored ballerina flats with matching grosgrain ribbon, ivory ballet flats with a black toe and little black ribbon, and a wine colored leather bag. I got these items for great prices, and I still have money left over on my gift card.



Meredith said...

Wow! Sounds like a fun--and productive--shopping trip.

Elizabeth said...

The stores are offering such deep discounts right now. It does make me wonder if there is a change coming in the overall clothing silhouette. But, I'm not tuned into fashion enough to know for sure. Maybe, it has more to do with the economy.

I did have a fun time. I bought classic looking items, thinking that I can get a lot of wear out of them.

Mom2fur said...

I'm sure the designer was just having a little fun, lol. Fashions on the runway are often over exaggerated(sp?). But never mind 45 minutes trying to figure it out? How about 45 years of back troubles from wearing athose?

Your shoes and bag sound gorgeous! The color choices tell me you certainly DO have a bit of the fashionista in you!

Elizabeth said...

I'm sure this was runway fun on the part of the designer, too, although I found this and a similar example in an article about shoe trends for 2008.

I am excited about my fashion finds.