Monday, December 31, 2007

Don't forget to vote for your favorite 60's style inspiration....

Wouldn't it be great if we could reinterpret some fifties/sixties classic and feminine fashions for our day?

I do think there is something wrong my mirror, though. I'm sure that I am a dead ringer for Audrey, Grace, Doris, or June Cleaver. However, the image that stares back at me is definitely Aunt Bea. And, I can't seem to find the "Change the Channel" button on the mirror to tune into the right image.

At any rate, I did vote for Audrey and Barbara (June). Though I didn't vote for Aunt Bea, I do have a soft spot in my heart for this lady, with her cheerful and kind domestic ways, her apron and her strand of pearls, and her neat appearance. May we all age so well! Being from the South, I can relate to Mayberry. The characters may be fictional, but we've all met them in real life. Those Mayberry folks are just like my peeps!

Who did you vote for and why?



Anonymous said...

I voted for Grace Kelly and Aunt Bea. I never knew much about Grace Kelly until I was older but I was always impressed by her charm and seemingly effortless femininity. I picked Aunt Bea because of those shows she was always the most "real" to me.
Also, I'm 22 and when I was growing up the only thing on re-runs that wasn't past my bedtime was Andy Griffith, I didn't see Leave it to Beaver or any of those other shows till I was at least seventeen. Just in case yo were wondering if age groups affected your polling results...

Many Blessings to you,


Elizabeth said...

Aunt Bea does almost seem real, doesn't she?

TracyMichele said...

Grace Kelly. I have always had a soft spot for her. Somehow she just seems to live up to her name.

Elizabeth said...

Grace was lovely, wasn't she?