Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Addendum to question in prior post...Otherwise known as, "What's up with that?"
In my post below, I asked for your input about how you work safe household products into a thifty budget.
Here's a pondering for you...
Perfumes and dyes in detergents aren't the best for my respiratory allergies or for my dear hubby's skin. For years, I have used an unscented, natural, very economical laundry detergent. The detergent is made with a certain natural ingredient that is a skin-soothing laundry freshener.
Recently, this company that makes my favorite brand of laundry detergent has started marketing several variations of their product, each one with a different type of added bleach and/or a different scent with an enticing name.
Of course, the company charges a little bit more for these new variations of their detergent. I can understand that. After all, it does cost them something to ADD to a product.
However, in light of our needs, I continued to look for the good old original detergent -- without fancy scents or other new additives. In my way of thinking, adding other ingredients to this detergent takes away from the fact that it already has a very natural laundry freshener added to it. "Why mess with nature's cleaning agent?" I ask.
On my last excursion down the laundry aisle of my local market, I stared and stared at this company's display, looking vainly for the same detergent that I've always bought. Finally, I realized that the original detergent is now marketed as the company's special "unscented" detergent. And, suddenly, this "unscented" detergent costs more than it used to!
I suppose some marketing person is thinking, "This detergent is great because it has no irritating additives! Shouldn't the consumer be willing to pay for something so wonderful?"
Huh?! This "unscented" detergent is just the company's basic product, before scents and bleaches are added. It doesn't cost them any extra to market it as is, without adding anything to it.
I suppose this was just the company's way of raising the price on their entire line of laundry detergents, including their original formulation. I suppose it was time for them to charge a little more, as their prices had hovered about the same low point for a long time.
Even so, I miss my good old ordinary, additive free, natural, lower-priced detergent.

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