Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No Time to Turn your Turkey into Delicious Leftovers and Run to the Store, too? Don't worry about hitting the malls. Enjoy Black Friday's savings in the comfort of your own home!

Grab a cup of hot chocolate and your computer and enjoy Black Friday in the comfort of your p.j.'s. Visit my friend, Gina's site, http://www.Gonicofish.com,
for great deals and coupons from over 1,000 well-known and family-friendly merchants.

By the way, do you make use of Internet coupons every time you shop? There are two kinds of online coupons: coupon codes that you use whenever you make an online purchase and printable coupons that you take with you to a physical store. Gina's site is a wonderful resource for both types of coupons. At her site, the coupons are always in-date and well-organized so that you can spot what you need in a moment.

Gina's site and possibly a few others are about the best ways I know to find coupon codes. There are a lot of coupon codes floating around on the net that are out-of-date, and some sites that claim to offer coupon codes are poorly organized and hard-to-navigate. Once you've obtained a coupon code, you'll be able to type it in when you fill out your online order. These codes can save you anywhere from the cost of shipping up to huge percentages off of the item's price.

As far as printable coupons are concerned, you can visit a site like Gina's or you can go directly to the merchant's site to see if they have any listed. You can sign up on a store's mailing list to receive coupons via email.

Be sure, however, that if you sign up for a particular store's email list that you really do want email from them. If you volunteer to be on an individual store's list, they will send you LOTS of email. For example, I signed up to receive promotional deals from Jo-Ann's, and I'm happy that I did. Jo-Ann's sends me both email and snail mail coupons. However, I must say that I do spend a lot of time deleting or tossing offers that I won't use in order to obtain the few offers that I will use. It's worth it to me for that one store and a couple of others. But, I'd hate to be on ten such lists!

If you don't want to sign up to be on a store's mailing list, check Gina's site at your convenience. She lists what coupons and prices are available at the moment. With 1,000 popular stores to choose from, I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.



Country Girl At Heart said...

I just might be doing my black friday shopping from home as well. I haven't really seen any of the things from my Christmas list on sale. So it may be a good idea for me to curl up in front of the computer with a cup of cocoa and shop from home.

BTW...I will will post the new book club discussion questions soon.

Elizabeth said...

Oops, I'd better get reading! I'll post on your book club soon.

Anonymous said...

You could always make a 2nd email account to use for signing up for coupon sites, then you don't clog up your regular email with stuff you might not need. Then you can just check your 2nd email when you need to find a deal.

Julieann said...

Happy Thanksgiving Elizabeth!!!


(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

*HAPPY THANKSGIVING, ELIZABETH!* (((((HUGS))))) sandi~who always enjoys her learning visits here! ~smile~

Elizabeth said...

Hi all,

I hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving.