Monday, November 05, 2007

Finishing School News:

I have finally begun to load the various posts from the various blogs who "taught" the finishing school classes onto the main finishing school page. Here is the link:

It will take me a while to get all of the classes loaded onto the central blog. But, in the meantime, you can be re-reading and studying the classes as I get them up.

These classes are not in the order in which they were taught. But, you should still be able to follow the material.

Maybe, you are new to the Finishing School, and you aren't sure how it works. The idea came about after Emma posted an article on her blog about a TV program concerning several young British ladies who were invited to attend a finishing school program. Many readers expressed a wish to learn about the subjects that are taught in finishing schools today or were taught in old-fashioned finishing schools.

So, several volunteers each agreed to tackle one subject and blog a week of posts on their personal blog. Each week, we all read the "teacher of the week's" blog, and many of us left comments about the subject. Our topics ranged from living elegantly on a budget to flower arranging to learning about other cultures to making a lovely cake to all sorts of fun topics. Each blogger posted daily things to think about or do to help make the class practical. But, our intent was for the posts to be fun to read, in addition to being helpful.

While I am pulling all of the posts together on the Finishing School Blog, I encourage you to follow the links to the original blogs. That way, you will get to know the teachers, who were chosen because they have a special expertise in their particular subject. Also, you will be able to read the many enlightening comments from the women who participated in the project.

But, if you can't manage to read all the blogs, you can catch up by reading the posts on the Finishing School site.



Frieda said...

Your blog has been a great inspiration to me in my work here in Brazil. I owe you a LOT! Your material been a help in my personal growth. Also, last year, in a local Bible Institute, I passed on a lot of these things as I taught a course on Biblical femininity, to a group of underpriviledged women. They just loved it, and I've been asked to teach it again in 2008 (our school year accompanies the calendar year.) Thank you so much for your part in discipling Brazilian women, even though you did not know you were doing it. How I wish that you could fly down and give a series of classes for the course! (I'll be glad to translate into Portuguese for you.)

Elizabeth said...

Thank you, Frieda.

I'm so happy to make a new friend in Brazil.

I would love to visit Brazil one day. Our local church is closely tied in with churches and a mission clinic in several South American countries, and my dear hubby has gotten to visit several countries there. Alas, he did not make it to Brazil. But, I hope to go to South America with him on one of his next trips.