Friday, November 09, 2007

Baby steps in my six month spruce up the house plan:

I'm so thankful that I've been able to accomplish a few teensy-weensy baby steps in my spruce up the house campaign. These are little steps that I'm doing in addition to regular home keeping. They don't seem like much as I blog about them, but the results do lift my spirits. With everything we've had going on, particularly my Dad's health and mine, being able to get to the little extras seems like a blessing.

1) Replanted the pots of freeze-dried begonias on my front stoop with evergreen rosemary trimmed into a triangular shape. Trimmed some of the bushes around the front door, and pulled up some weeds. DH enjoys our yearly potted begonias, so they'll be back next spring -- as usual.

We had a nice warm afternoon today after experiencing a cold spell, and it felt great to be pottering about outside.

2) Polished two silver candelabras and two Revere ware bowls. I need to get to the silverware before Thanksgiving!

3) Cemented in my mind my vision of turning my office/sewing room into a white shabby chic paradise, with touches of pink, using a white Italian lamp that I have as my inspiration piece. This will involve a lot of re-arranging, and it may be after Christmas before I can get to it -- but I have a plan -- for that room, anyway.

4) Bought pine chips to re-mulch space around our mailbox. Clipped the freeze-dried, drought-dried clematis to the ground. Asked DH if he wouldn't mind digging a trench around the area tomorrow.

Elizabeth, the Merry Rose.

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Country Girl At Heart said...

Good for you. It's seems that you are very focused and organized. I wish you much success in your endeavor to spruce up yor home. I will be checking back because I would like to read about your progress.