Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Creative Uses for shower hangers:

Since I put up a shower cleaning machine, I was not able to use an over the nozzle shower hanger. When flipping through a magazine of creative home ideas, the editors suggested using one of these shower hangers as a wrapping center. They had placed it on the wall and had used it for scissors, a couple of rolls of wrapping paper, tape, etc.

Well, that set me to thinking. I needed something to organize my ironing supplies. So, I turned this one into a carrier for my spray starches and for a pants leg ironer, a mouse for ironing sleeves and shoulders, and my iron's water dispenser.

I used another extra one for wrapping supplies as the article suggested. I put it inside the closet of my office/workroom.

Then, yesterday, I even bought a new one and hung it in my walk-in closet. On that one, I placed some lint-removing tools, as well as some shoe and purse cleaning supplies.

These aren't the loveliest organizers, I suppose. But, they are handy and can be tucked away on a closet wall to be out of site.

What about you? Do you have any creative uses for an old shower hanger? How about re-purposing some other organizational tool in a clever way? I'd love to hear and see photos of your ideas!

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