Monday, March 02, 2009

Outside My Window...There's a lovely mixture of spring and winter. We had one inch of snow over Saturday night, which mostly melted before 10:00 Sunday morning. However, you can still see a few patches of white here and there. You can also see lovely daffodils, pansies, trees whose buds are beginning to flower, and other evidences of the new season.
I am thinking...How fun it was to do a post in Jane Austen's style as suggested by Barefoot Mama's blog.
I am thankful for...My fever breaking.
From the kitchen...Poor DH has had to man this due to my cold and asthma. I'm thankful he's stepped in, but am looking forward to being able to a) go grocery shopping and b) cook.
I am creating...I'm thinking of re-starting a crochet project for my companion blog, "Project Home Economics."
I am going...nowhere today. I hope to be out and about soon.
I am reading...I'm trying to slog through the Old Curiosity Shop by Dickens. Mind you, I really do enjoy Dickens. I even loved Bleak House, though I confess to really reading only one of the plots and skipping some sections. But, I'm just not getting into this one. I'm also reading a book about landscaping with roses. The photographs are beautiful. I'm also studying passages that foretell and describe Jesus from the Old Testament.
I am feel better soon.
I am hearing...a quiet house, with even the cat settling down for a nap. Dear Hubby is downstairs, reading and praying in front of the fire.
Around the house...I'm behind due to being sick. DH has been a great help with cooking and keeping the kitchen clean, but there's a lot I want to get to. I think I can begin slowly to do some catching up today, for which I am grateful.
One of my favorite things...a photograph I saw in the book about roses which pictures roses and daisies paired together. Those are my two favorite flowers -- If I can pick two from among all of the flowers that I love.
Picture thought:

Poor comfy kitty! This is not the place for you to sleep.


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