Monday, June 04, 2007

Lemons and white flowers -- Thrifty Wedding Decoration

I attended a simple, but pretty family wedding this weekend. The ceremony was held in a tiny chapel dating from the year before the Civil War started and the reception was held at another, larger church building.

At both the church and the reception, there were a couple of sprays of white flowers in inexpensive glass vases, along with lemons in inexpensive, large glass containers. I know the idea of the using lemons as decorations isn't a new one. Even so, the lemons and the white flowers looked so pretty and fresh. And, I'm sure they weren't expensive to do, either.



Anonymous said...

That sounds very pretty! Fresh, charming, and lovely!

My Mom received an arrangement for Mother's Day from my sister and it was a bunch of white and yellow flowers with actual lemon slices floating around the vase!



Elizabeth said...

That sounds lovely, Sherry!