Saturday, June 30, 2007

Finishing School News...

Didn't Emma do a lovely job with the subject of personal presentation? I have a lot to think about and to put into practice.

This week, we're taking a "semi-break", since it's Independence Day in the U.S. However, I will do some posts that contain snippets about different American ladies. Each tidbit will fit into the subjects of our "Finishing School Course." So, keep checking with me this week at the Merry Rose!



Gina said...

I have declared July my month of guilty pleasures first! And, have kicked it off with your great finishing series.

What a gem of an idea!

Linda said...

Thank you so much for this very informative post. When my daughter and I went to Williamsburg, we sat for about an hour and a half listening to "Martha Washington." It was fascinating and ever since everything I have heard has increased my admiration for her. Your post has fascinating facts about how she saw herself and her views on life and helps show why her husband couldn't stand to be away from her! I have alerted my daughter to the finishing school and hopes she takes advantage of it. Thanks for all your work.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Gina!

I'm glad that our finishing school is one of your guilty pleasures! But, there's that You Tube thing...Did you hear that whip crack? LOL. I'm just kidding. Enjoy July!

Hi Linda,

There's a lot we can learn from Martha, isn't there?

Thanks for reading the posts.

Gina said...

Ah - you are starting to get to know my weakness. Procrastination of the unfamiliar or that - that puts me front and center! I start wandering around the wide, wonderful and sometime wacky world of the internet, looking for ways to not do what I am needing to do ;).

I just love your blog!