Thursday, March 08, 2012

It's softly raining and a little dark -- prime napping weather!! I'd love right now to be snoozing like this little kitten princess, but have much to do.

I've just completed the hair raising process (for me) of selecting floor tile and pain for Doc Brilliant's and my master bathroom. We tend to stick with choices for a long time, so re-doing in a short time if I don't like it is not an option.

When in doubt, go neutral. Sounds easy, right? But, if you're like me, that opens up a whole new set of questions: cool neutrals? warm neutrals? What if I like these neutrals for Doc Brilliant's and my master bathroom, but really would rather use slightly different neutrals in another part of the house? And, how does all this fit with existing fixtures?

I ended up with a tile called cameo which has speckles of various neutrals in it, but overall is sort of a camel. I decided on spiced beige paint for the walls. I'll post a photo when my bathroom redo is done.

I think one way I can ensure continuity is to use the same white trim throughout the house.

Doc Brilliant likes warm tones, so I hope that this bathroom will feel warm and cozy for him. There's enough of my froufrou in all the other rooms to lighten my heart.

Of course, color is not the only consideration. There is the material and texture of the tile, as well as the value and the cost to think about.

And, the thing is, that no matter what colors you use, nothing looks good until your house is sparkling. So, off to do some chores in that line.

While I'm cleaning, you all are welcome to leave any tips for me on choosing such things as tile, paint, etc. What have your experiences been? What are your favorite products? What have been your experiences with different kinds of floor tile?

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