Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 24 -- 30 days of prayer in the home

Ideas to pray for your home in general:

1) That the family will be good stewards of any physical possessions that the Lord provides.
2) The the home will be a place of beauty, order, and peace.
3) That the home will reflect God's glory.
4) That members of the family will build and retain happy memories of home.
5) That the members of the family will work together in unity to make home life godly and sweet.
6) That the home and all who enter it will be blessed.
7) That God will bless your work as a keeper at home.
8) That the home will serve as a training ground for godly character and wholesome skills needed for life, and most importantly, for faith in the Lord. That this training will include any children in the family, but will also extend to others -- such as singles -- who might visit the home and learn what a godly home is like from the example you set.
9) That the people in the home will always be quick to repent and quick to forgive.
10) That you home will be filled with music, love, and joy.
11) That the people who are sleeping in the bedrooms, whether family or guests, will have sleep that is sweet and restorative.
12) That God will bless the hands that work in the kitchen; that everyone will be grateful for the food that God has provided; that the arms of the family can reach out to those who do not have food or shelter; that the food prepared will nourish the physical body; that the family will never neglect spiritual food in favor of physical food; that the Lord will create in the hearts of the family members a hunger and thirst for righteousness and that He will fill that hunger.
13) In the bathroom: That family members will have clean and pure hearts; thankfulness for clean water in which to bathe, to launder, and to drink;
14) That your family will speak only words which are loving, truthful, and useful for building each other up in the faith.
15) That your home will be a place of truth.
16) That your home will be a refuge from the struggles of this world or else a place where people work through struggles with faith, love and compassion.
17) That nothing will be hidden in the home that shouldn't be hidden; that any dangers, temptations, or hidden sins being practiced in the home will come to light so that they may be dealt with;
18) That your vision of how home life should be is fully surrendered to the Lord's plans; that you will be faithful even if things do not look as if they are going well at the moment; that you will always have a vision for what God can do in even the most dire of circumstance.
19) That relationships in the home will be godly and healthy.
20) That your family can open the home to people who need hospitality.
21) That family members will not hold unspoken or unrealistic expectations over each other; that family members will accept each other even if there are differences in personality and abilities; that family members will love each other without showing preference.


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