Wednesday, June 16, 2010

30 Days of Prayer in the Home -- Day 22

Praying for our children -- Part II

Here are some ideas of things to pray for children:

1) That your child's heart will always be receptive to God's word. That your child's heart will be the noble soil that produces a crop even greater than that which is sewn. Luke 8:4-21
2) That your child will have faith in the Lord and love for the Lord that will never fail. I Corinthians 13, Luke 22:32
3) That their thoughts will be fixed on things above. Phil. 4:4-8; Col. 3:1-2 That God will guard their thoughts and protect them from influences that would make them stumble or turn to worldly things. That they will have clear minds and self-control so that they can pray. I Peter 4:7 That they will set their hope fully on the grace to be received when Christ comes again. I Peter 1:13
4) That your children will walk as Jesus did. I John 2:6; that your child will come to Christ, learn from Him, take Christ's yoke upon his or her shoulders, and have rest for their souls.
5) Pray for your child's present or future mate or for the Lord to make it clear if it is His will for your child to remain single. Pray for your child's future or present mate's family. Pray for your child's present or future children.
6) Pray for your child's teachers. Pray for other adults who are in a position to influence your child. Pray for your child's present and future friendships. Pray that your child will be a strong influence for godliness among his peers and that he or she will reject any worldly influence from others. Pray that your child will have a teachable heart and will learn from those who can teach him or her to be like Christ and to obey his commands. Pray that your child will stand strong against any peer pressure or persecution or other influence that goes against a true faith in the Lord. Matthew 18:18-20; Proverbs 27:17
7) Pray that your child will never be able to get away with deceit. Pray that the Lord will alert you to any hidden problem in your child's life so that you can help. Pray that your child will love truth and hate falsehood. Pray that you will have an open relationship in which your child feels that he or she can safely confide in you. Also, pray for godly friends with whom your child can be open and that these friends will pray with your child and offer sound, Biblical counsel.
8) Pray for your child to have the qualities of godly love: I Corinthians 13.
9) Pray for your relationship with your child. Pray that you will be a godly, loving parent and that your child will love and respect you. Pray that your home will be filled with love, joy, and peace, along with all the fruits of the Spirit of God. Pray that your child will see in your home, and in other homes, examples of godly marriages and healthy, godly families. Pray this for your child's sake.
10) Pray that your child's heart and mouth will be filled with praise and thanksgiving. Pray that your child will have joy and peace in all circumstances, whether in times of happiness or times of trial.
11) Pray for your child's to pray and read God's word. Ask your child if there are specific things that he or she would like you to pray about and pray for those things. Keep a little notebook in which you list things that your husband or children mention that they need prayer for and in which you jot down prayer needs that you see.
12) Pray for your child's priorities, work or school tasks, etc. Pray that your child will be able to find satisfaction in his or her tasks and, when adult, in his or her life's work. Pray that he or she will be able to organize well, yet also be able to handle interruptions well. Pray that he or she will surrender his or her days to the Lord and that he or she will find their days to be productive, rather than burdensome. Pray that if your child faces some illness in which he or she will not be able to go about their daily routine that they will know how to rest in the Lord. Pray that your child will be able to cope with whatever his or her days bring.

Great times to pray for (or even with) your child in addition to your morning prayer time:

1) When your child wakes up.
2) When your child goes to sleep.
3) As mentioned before, when you do your child's laundry or do some cleaning in your child's room.
4) When you are driving your child and his or her siblings or friends someplace. They will almost forget you are there, and you will be able to glean a lot from their conversations with each other.
5) When you are nursing a little one in the middle of the night, pray for that child.
6) When your child leaves home during the day; when your child comes back home
7) As you cook for your family.
8) Right before or right after you talk with an adult child on the phone or email them.
9) When you are helping your child get dressed.
10) When you take a walk with your child.

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