Monday, February 01, 2010

What a weekend...

The view outside my window is white, white, white. We've had a rare snowstorm here, and many people have just been staying indoors. However, my intrepid husband and I (not so intrepidly, but with great motivation) decided to keep our plans to drive to see our son and his wife this weekend. So, we were on the road during the first part of the 24-hour snowfall, and what should have taken us only three hours to drive took six and a half. We were heading southward, out of the storm, and it was only raining by the time we finally got there.

The photo I've attached it not my window, but the window in the condominium that my son and his wife bought. They live in the city where I grew up. Their new home is in a historic factory that has been converted to residential living. I'm amazed at this change to fashionable lofts, since this more than hundred year old factory was still in operation when I was a girl. The little neighborhood around it is composed of the homes where the factory workers lived. The factory provided some of the very first industrial jobs in the entire South, as it was built when we were mostly an agricultural region.

The condo is right across the street from an even more historic cemetery. Among the notables buried there is a famous golfer. Though he died in the 70's, people continue to leave golf balls at his grave site. Next to his headstone is a golf cup with a ball in it.

My daughter and her husband now live in the north, in an area that receives a lot of snow. Her many friends from here sent her photos of our amazing snowfall -- four to six inches with a coating of ice on top. Since she could see sprigs of grass sticking up through the snow in several of the pictures, she was amused that we are all so excited about this. But, just a few years ago, she'd have thought this was a huge deal, too. It's all relative.

We are back home now. The Interstates are clear, but the other roads are still dicey. The sun is shining, so I assume some of it will melt today. But, it is quite beautiful.

Since this storm covered much of the country, I'm sure many of us have snow stories to tell. How about you? What was the weather like in your area this weekend?


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Meredith said...

Glad you had a safe trip! We have stayed in since Friday, and I confess I'm getting a little stir-crazy. Maybe I should write some letters instead?