Sunday, February 08, 2009

For Today...I'm doing the Monday Daybook Entry on Sunday this week.

Outside my window... We've been in the 70's for the past couple of days. It was so delightful to air out my house yesterday. By now, we usually start seeing early flowers and buds on trees, but this has been an unusually cold winter and the bulbs aren't up yet. I can't wait to see how spring unfolds.

I am thinking... that I am a little betwixt and between, staying home today with some back issues. I ached late into the night, but as I'm up now and am icing my back, I'm feeling somewhat better. So, I feel too well to be in bed, but not well enough to be with my church family. Sigh.

From the learning rooms... I'm learning how much poverty of spirit I really have and how continually I need to cast myself upon the Lord's grace.

I am thankful for... Being able to take my father out yesterday for some fun errands; the warmer weather, a loving husband, getting my dining room curtains washed; getting to go out to dinner last night with friends; many, many things.

I am reading... I just finished the Five Senses of Romantic Love. I bought it some time ago and had read parts of it. But, since it's Valentine's month, I thought I'd finish it from front cover to back. It's short and easy reading. I came away with lots of thoughts about ways to give to my dear hubby.

I am hoping... to feel better!

I am creating... I am hoping to create a clean home through spring cleaning.

I am hearing... so many singing birds. I love bird songs. Plus, the songs remind me of this verse, "Those living far away fear your wonders;
where morning dawns and evening fades
you call forth songs of joy."

Psalm 65:8.

I don't know if that's what this verse means, but I like to think that birds are part of the chorus that God calls forth to sing songs of joy. I'd also like to join in -- off key and all!

Around the house... much is staring at me and saying, "Please attend to me." I will have to choose wisely. It doesn't make sense to stay home with a sore back and do things that might make it worse.

One of my favorite things... fresh breeze blowing in through open windows!!

A few plans for the rest of the week...Many things, but here's a little one: I hope the weather will remain so that I can get out and turn some dirt in my little garden.




TopazTook said...

Hope your back feels better soon.

(And 70s! In February! It always amazes me when I hear reports of weather like that.)

Seraphim said...

"One of my favorite things... fresh breeze blowing in through open windows!!" ooh I agree, one of my favouriates too :)

I hope your back is feeling better soon; back pain is always very bothersome. Perhaps, if your DH is amenable, a gentle massage may help ease it :)

natcoud said...

Hello, thank you for the post on my blog. Don't speak english. I love your blog. It's very interessting.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Topaztook,

Thanks for the get well wishes. I am feeling better today.

Yes, I'm loving the mild weather. We'll have some more cold spells to get through before spring gets here, though.

Hi Seraphim,

Yes, my back is better, and dear hubby was very helpful in giving me a massage.

Bonjour Natcoud!

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Merci pour lire mon blog.