Saturday, June 07, 2008

If you choose to accept this mission....

Ok, I've been talking about it long enough. DH and I seriously need to attend to our jars of clay so that, Lord willing, we can enter our later decades still able to serve. Already, we are facing some health issues that we need to get a grip on now, before they worsen.

I love the promise in Psalm 92:14: They will still bear fruit in old age, they will stay fresh and green. Of course, that's referring to God's action in us. However, I do want to do my little part to be good stewards of the bodies God has given us.

DH has a very stressful job and is also busy with church, so he really needs my help if he is going to maintain good health. Right now, he is laid up with an injury, which makes exercising harder. So, my plan is to do whatever I can without nagging, pushing, etc. I call this "Operation Healthy Hubs".

Along the way, I need to shape up and spruce up, as well. So, I'm also embarking on my Esther plan. I'm taking my theme from Esther 2:12 -- for there were these days of their preparation: six months with oil of myrrh and six months with perfumes and preparations for beautifying women."

Now, we all know that the secret of Esther's being selected queen is that it was in God's plan. And, I'm sure that the reason she stood out to the king was because of the inner qualities prompted by her faith. But, this verse sort of inspires me to pay attention to my health and loveliness. I pray to do so without getting out of balance. I want my beauty to arise from a calm and gentle spirit and faith in God.

I also think of the woman in Song of Songs. She was pleasant and delightful for her husband. Again, there are hints of her inner character in the book. Outwardly, she was fragrant, clean, and a creative companion for her husband, as well.

So, I guess this is my way of "Fighting the Frump" as Mrs. Fussypants so valiantly encourages us to do. It's also my commitment to loveliness as Emma of Charming the Birds from the Trees inspires us to do. The main goal though is health, health, health -- if the Lord so wills.

Two happy things to report: I have been losing weight just from being on the right dose of thyroid medication. I have a family history of thyroid problems. I urge you to have that checked out if you find yourself feeling run down and if you have any other symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Also, my doctor tells me that calcium with Vitamin D is not only good for your bones, but also has been proven to ease monthly irritability as well. I've just started taking it consistently, but I'm already finding that to be true.



Buffy said...

This sounds interesting. I already enjoyed your post about perfume. I also received the impression from reading through the OT how important scent was.

I am glad your thyroid medication is working out.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Buffy,

It's good to hear from you.