Monday, August 20, 2007

Finishing School News!

This week we have a special treat. Some of you may read Eva's blog, "Life, Love, and Laundry." She now lives in the U.S., but originally hailed from Belgium. She's going to take us on a Grand Tour of Europe. (Remember, a young lady who attended a finishing school in the nineteenth century likely finished by taking a real life Grand Tour. Since we can't all go do that, Eva's going to take us on a virtual tour). Eva will concentrate on the positive things we can learn from the women and culture of each country. We are very honored that she is going to share her insights with us.

So grab your virtual passports, and let's go.

The link to Eva's site is Sometimes, people have trouble linking through to another site from mine. If you do have trouble, visit Emma's blog, Charming the Birds from the Trees. She already has a link to Eva's site in her side bar. And, if you have a tip for how I can make the links work better, please let me know.



Terri said...

Hi, Elizabeth-

I think the problem with the links is that your own blog address is included in the link itself. When I point my mouse over the link, this is what it reads: "http://elizabeth-themerryrose (dot)blogspot(dot)com/www(dot)fairieeva(dot)vox(dot)com". I hope that helps!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Terri,

Oh, I see. I must be using a method designed to link within your own blog. I'm not sure how to fix that, but I'll do some research.

Thanks for letting me know.