Sunday, July 22, 2007


We have the lovely problem of having many wonderful women who have agreed to teach classes for our Finishing School. But, due to simple miscommunication, summer vacations, illnesses, etc., we've had to shuffle the schedule a bit. I hope we have things sorted out and running smoothly, but we might have some surprises!

Right now, we are all set to learn about "Living Elegantly on a Frugal Budget" from Meredith of "Like Merchant Ships."

Please check my blog early Monday morning to make sure this is our next class.

I'm really looking forward to Meredith's posts, as I know that I have much to learn about creating a lovely home and life on a frugal budget.

Here are two of the subjects we will be covering soon: using flowers in the home and making a couple of deliciously feminine handwork projects.

If you're a teacher on our list, please bear with us if we have somehow skipped your week. Every one of you has a unique skill that we want to pass on to our readers. So, bring this to our attention, and we'll make sure to correct any oversights.


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