Monday, July 23, 2007

Finishing School -- Lovely Living on a Budget Week

Meredith of Like Merchant Ships has graciously agreed to move her week up so that we can overcome some of our scheduling confusion. I appreciate our teachers and our students bearing with us.

Many of you are already frugal and know how to create lovely homes on a shoestring budget. Others of us either struggle to live within our means, or we have trouble being content within our means.

No matter where each of us is in the pursuit of living well on a tight budget, you'll enjoy reading "Like Merchant Ships."

I love the heading on the blog, which is taken from Proverbs 31, "She brings her food from afar, like merchant ships." Meredith follows this by inviting us to "Join Me as I practice Cheerful Frugality, discovering God's plenty, second-hand."

Isn't that a beautiful way of looking at the stewardship of our households?

I've visited lots of assited living places with my father lately. I've noticed that the elderly ladies all keep apartments as neat as a pin. (I'm sure they have staff help). Also, they surround themselves with some living plants, lovely pictures and photos, and other feminine touches. These women are generally widowed, though a few are there with husbands. They are frail from age. They have moved from their former homes to tiny, rented apartments. I would think it would be easy to give up caring at that point. Yet, somehow, these women still manage to create welcoming spaces.

So, you see: Loveliness is not about the stuff; it's about the heart!



Mommy Lynda said...

Can you link to her blog?

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for reminding me that I forgot to re-state her link in this post. I just added a new post with the link in it.