Friday, September 22, 2006

Teaching someone to sew -- the blind leading the blind!
Hats and Fall Clothing

Yesterday, a young friend came over so that I could help her make square cushions for her sofa. Considering my skill level, this was something like a six year old teaching a five year old how to add! I have sewn projects for myself and to give as gifts, but never before have I cut into someone else' material! Right as I started cutting, I realized that I might not have aligned the repeat on the material's design properly. But, the design on the material was fairly abstract, and I don't anyone will check the front and back of the pillows. I think everything turned out fine, and I can't wait to see the finished cushions on her couch. At any rate, the project reminded me of how much I like to play at sewing, so I can't wait to get to the UFO's in my craft room. My hat is off to those who bring in income sewing for others, especially to those who have made wedding gowns for others!

Yesterday, over at her lovely blog called, "The Sparrow's Nest," Mrs. Wilt posted a very practical article about how she puts together her fall wardrobe. I hope you will get a chance to check it out and that you will get as many useful ideas from it as I did.

This sounds silly, but her post made me feel a little braver in wearing hats. I adore hats. But, I look good in only a few hat styles. Also, I haven't always had the confidence to don a hat in situations where I am the only woman wearing one. But, it is my goal to conquer my slight hat-o-phobia.

If you share my love of hats, check out a website called, "Village Hats." They have an extensive selection, ranging from inexpensive to more expensive and from ultra-casual to ultra-dressy. Back in the summer, I ordered a lovely gray bucket hat with the cutest black and gray trim. I was very pleased when it arrived well-packed and none the worse for having been shipped from New York to Tennesse. It's really a fall/winter hat, so I haven't had the opportunity to wear it yet. But, I'm thinking that I can get away with bringing it out in a week or two, and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm saving up my pennies to buy a gorgeous, light blue hat.

Tennessee's dog-days heat broke early this year. Usually, it does not break until about now, but we've been having mild days for two or three weeks now. And, it's actually been a little cool in the evenings -- just enough to make you shiver a bit if you are in short sleeves.

Normally, even after the summer's intense heat breaks, we have warm days all the way into November, with maybe a cold snap now and again. We truly do have "Indian summer" as it used to be called. Wintry weather doesn't really hit us until the end of December or the beginning of January, and, even then, it only snows one time to four or five times a year. Some years, we don't even have snow.

Every year, I put away my summer whites at Labor Day. This custom is dropping by the wayside, and I can understand why. In normal years, when daytime temps continue in the upper 80's/ low 90's until the end of the September, why should the day after Labor Day be any different than the day before dress wise? But, the tradition of not wearing white before Easter or after Labor Day is ingrained in me. I learned this as a child, even though we were living in Florida at the time!

Now, a true lady from the upper South or New England would never wear white before Memorial Day. Tradition holds that bone and not white is the color for spring purses and shoes. Also, traiditon says that you can wear pastels or beige or winter white in the spring, but not true white. But, let's be honest. Don't most of us cheat and bring out our white shoes and white clothing at Easter?

I usually continue to wear very light weight clothing for quite some time after Labor Day. I try to have some "three-season" things in my closet to bridge the gap from fall into winter. This year, I've got a hankering to bring out my winter clothing a little on the early side. I'll probably dive into that project in the next few days.

I change out my clothing twice a year. Each time I bring out my stored items, I discover a beloved garment all over again. It's like going shopping in my own storeroom!



littlejennywren said...

Elizabeth, sorry I have been slow answering your query about the cotton heat pad. I do think it would be unsuitable on its own . If you knitted another the same size and put some quilt batting in between it should be OK. I think wool is usually more longlasting as a heat mat and is a poor conductor of heat so works better to stop the heat going through. I hope that helps. Jenny

Mimi said...

What a great blog, Elizabeth.

I have always enjoyed your posts over at Yahoo, too.

Up here in the Northern Hinterlands, we often start taking our fall/winter things out of storage in August, btw.

Elizabeth said...

Hello, little Jenny Wren.

Thanks for getting back to me. That does answer my question. So, I'll either knit another one and put batting in or use it as a washcloth.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Mimi,

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments.

We're at that stage here in Tennessee where some poeple are still walking
around in flipflops and summer clothing, while others -- like me -- are starting to dress a little more warmly.