Saturday, September 02, 2006

September Second’s Sensational Seven Saturday

Here’s a list of seven things that make me happy. I hope they will make you happy, too. Feel free to adopt any of these to use in your life or your household, except for number one – He’s mine. LOL.

1) Sensational man: DBM -- My smart, intelligent, funny, strong, handsome, loving, spiritual husband.

2) Sensational movie about importance of wives and mothers to a country’s survival: Mrs. Miniver. Mrs. Miniver is an old black and white film that portrays how the quiet courage of a gracious British homemaker was a support to those around her. The movie is a little cheesy, but I love it, nonetheless. I defy you to watch this movie without coming away inspired to be a courageous, gracious, and lovely keeper of your home.

3) Sensational October treat: I order one of my two favorite versions of a Christmas Carol in October and watch it at my leisure. I so this before the Thanksgiving/Christmas rush begins, before I get tempted to say, “Bah! Humbug!” How delightful it is to see Scrooge wake up a new man with a new heart. How fun it is to watch him think of ways to give. How wonderful it is to hear him say, “Oh, I don’t deserve to be so happy. But, I am.” Now, that’s an example of repentance for all of us to follow.

4) Sensational children’s story: The Old Brown House. I admit it. I often read children’s literature. One of my favorites is a short story called, “The Old Brown House.” In it, an elderly woman agrees to take care of a rose for her only friend, a sweet little girl. This girl has to move and cannot take it with her. The woman sets the rose in the window. Its beauty makes her want to wash the curtains at the window, to be in keeping with the rose. This leads her into a series of changes that transforms her from being shy, lonely, and unkempt, into being kind, neat, and beloved by many. What a happy shock it is to the little girl who comes back to visit and finds her old friend so transformed. (Did you doubt I’d love a story with a rose in it? LOL)

5) Sensational Sight in my Yard: Our morning glory vine with gorgeous blue flowers. How neat to see how God has created the blossoms to open in the morning and close in the afternoon. After three tries at Clematis, yeah!, I was finally able to get some kind of vine to grow up my mailbox.

6) Sensational Book for Women: A Gentle and Quiet Spirit, of Great Worth to God by Virginia Lefler and published by Silver Day Press.

7) Sensational quote about Christ’s trust in God, throughout his life on earth and when he was on the cross. “It is easy, indeed, to say that one trusts in God, but really to do it when justice seems dead and love seems to have vanished, that is difficult indeed…We dwell upon the things which have happened since his death, and dwelling upon these, we see that he has succeeded; but it should never be forgotten that his life on the day of his death appeared to be a terrible and heart-breaking failure...Never was there a man like this man. Other great and strong men have lied and labored, but never a man like Jesus of Nazareth. In the midst of the wildest storm that ever blotted out the heavens and caused the earth to quake, he looked steadily toward God, saying, “Not my will but thine be done. Luke 22:42. Look down across the ages and see the great men, how they are swayed and tossed by the winds and storms; but there above them all rises this man of Galilee like some majestic mountain.” Charles Edward Jefferson


Screen Door said...

I loved your post today. Thanks for the inspiration.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Screen Door.

I always love to see your icon at my site or yours. It just looks so homey and inviting.


Sabine said...

You must be a kindred spirit, Elizabeth. I love the story of the brown house. I've never heard of it. I've saved the link to your Bluing and Borax post. I've been meaning to Googlicate myself on both of those subjects. I bought some bluing a few weeks ago because I want to try it on my hair. But that would make me a "Blue Rinse" as a co-worker used to call little old ladies, and I'm only 51! I also want to use it as a bleach alternative, for whitening towels.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Sabine,

I hope you get to read the full version of the OLd Brown House sometime. It's an old story. I found it in a book called the King's Daughter.

Yes, it's hard to think that at 51 we could be heading towards being "blue rinse" ladies. I don't have a lot of white yet, and, what I do, I can easily cover. But, I'm a little concerned that my gray may come in with that dull, yellowish tint that you have to brigthen with a blue rinse. I have a friend who grayed early in life. But, she is lucky to have that naturally silver gray that you don't have to use the blue rinse on.


plainandsimple said...

Hi Elizabeth
I'm so happy you like Mrs Minnever! I nearly called my second daughter Greer after Greer Garson...but friends and family put me off it!

Elizabeth said...

PLain and Simple: Isn't that a great old movie? i haven't heard of any Greers, except for Greer Garson. But, I think it's a pretty name.

Meredith said...

Catching up on your archives...
I had never heard of Mrs. Miniver. The title shoots to the top of my "look for" list!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Meredith,

I hope you enjoy Mrs. Miniver as much as I do.