Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Healthier Weight by Christmas

At a baby shower the other day, a friend of mine remarked that she is on a diet. For the first two weeks, she cannot eat any fruit (or carbs) of any kind. I had just watched an episode of the show "House" had treated a young woman for scurvy, which she had contracted from a high protein diet that was deficient in Vitamin C. So, I expressed concern that my friend might not be getting enough nutrients. It was interesting that this friendly exhange sparked a lot of debate amont the women in the room, with everyone chiming in with ideas on just how someone should lose weight. Whichever position a woman took, she took it adamantly. Ironically, many people believe the exact opposite things about weight loss. Some favored eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Others were ok with veggies, but felt that you can't eat fruits because they are full of sugar.

Once again, I'm reminded that proper weight is a touchy subject here in the U.S. . Various diets are promoted with almost a religious fervor.

Plain and Simple from over at Echo from the Green Hills covered the subject of moderation in eating in an article not too long ago. So, I won't rehash a subject that she has already explained so well.

But, suffice it to say, I agree with her that the best way to be healthy is to practice temperance in eating. Our temperance should include gratitude for all of the wonderful things that God has given us to eat, rather than restorting to extreme diets. I also don't think that we should hold up unnatural thinness as the ideal, but, instead, we should be happy with the results of not being gluttonous. After all, God does not list and ideal height and weight chart in the Bible. He does, however, ask us not to be greedy in what we eat.

However, I'm not exactly a walking advertisement for the healthiness of moderation right now. So, I'm sure that it is hard for other women to hear me when I promote this as a way of life. That's just one more reason why it's time for me to get serious! I'm praying that the results of my personal food "temperance campaign" will be obvious by Christmas.



plainandsimple said...

I do know how you feel Elizabeth and no the media's idea of and ideal body weight is definitely not one I share. I have been eating in moderation now for nearly a month and have lost 8 lbs. I have 22 to go - it's slow, but steady progress.

Elizabeth said...

How wonderful that you have already lost eight pounds. My doctor once said that slow but steady progress is the best way of weight loss, as the results are more likely to stick.

Maybe, we can encourage each other in our mutual pursuit of moderation.