Friday, April 27, 2012

14 Days to a Sneeze Free Home

Five ways to clean away allergens:

1)  You don't need a steam cleaner to keep your home allergen free.  But, if you already own one or would like to buy one, try it to clean
a)  clothes
b) floors
c) carpets
d) windows.

2)  If you find that potted plants bother your allergies, you might do well with plants that grow in air or water.  These are neater and easier to grow anyway.
3)  If you store items like bird food, pet foods, potting soil, lawn soils, etc., don't let them sit so long that they become stale and moldy.
4)  When cleaning, especially in the bedroom of an allergy sufferer, give attention to windowsills and baseboards.  These are big dust catchers in a home.
5)  Remember that mildew grows in soap scum.  That's all the more reason to keep kitchens and bathrooms sparkling clean.

Do children with allergies ever outgrow allergies?  How about outgrowing asthma?  You may find that your allergies do wax and wane with time or that the things that trigger an allergic reaction may change.  Talk with your doctor to be sure.   

Visit the Cleaning Institute for more ideas about keeping your home free of allergens.


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