Monday, March 14, 2011

Do you have a signature scent for your home?

For me, it's easy to know what other people's homes smell like. But, it's harder to detect the scent of my own home, or, at least, it's hard to know what other people sense when they come into my home. Of course, I know if there's something malodorous that needs to be detected and gotten rid of. And, I smell the immediate odors of various cleaning products that I use and the foods that I cook. But, I'm not sure what is our home's indefinable something that every home has about it.

I do enjoy signature things, such as scents and colors and the like. I'm sort of outgrowing the signature perfume that I have worn most of my adult life and am in the search for a new one. Now, I'm also on the hunt for my home's signature scent.

My husband loves citrusy scents. He enjoys the citrus scent left by the products his office cleaning woman uses. I enjoy floral scents or florientals, but I think I shall try to move towards a more citrusy-signature scent for the home. That is, I think so.

Until I read Brocante Home's article about your home's signature scent, I had not thought about the fact I probably do have many competing scents in my home. I use a variety of cleaning products that appeal to me for different reasons. I also have different candles and potpourris. Sticking to one overall scent is probably a good idea in order to keep various scents from becoming overwhelming.

So, help me out. What products do you use that leave a special scent or scents in your home? I'm open for ideas.



Anonymous said...

You have such interesting posts. This one reminded me of my daughter's friend's comment each time she comes to our home. She wishes she could take the scent of our home home with her.Interesting. I guess it is a combination of things but mostly cinnamon, other spices, lavender and rose, the combination that I use in my potpourri in urns here and there, together with Home Sweet Home candles, the faint aroma of cinnamon, clove, allspice and orange in the simmering potpourri on the stove, etc.

Elizabeth said...

Hi, Just Me

Since I'm a great fan of the lovely photos you post of your home and gardens on your blog, I can imagine that your home must have a lovely scent. That's a great compliment from your daughter's friend. I would like to use rose petals from my garden in my potpourris and need to look up some potpourri recipes. Cinnamon is always lovely, too.