Monday, March 14, 2011

30 days of gratitude in home -- Day 19

Gratitude helps us to savor our days. A busy day seems long. When we look back over a string of busy days, however, we wonder where they went. A season, a year, or even a decade can fly by, and we are amazed at how the time passes.

If we focus on gratitude, we will notice things about each day that are special. We will realize how meaningful our days really are.

This is especially important for the keeper at home, particularly if she is a mother with young children. Sometimes, we will wonder how it was that we were occupied every moment of the day, yet don't have an answer for that question, "So, just what did you do all day?" We may have rocked toddlers with skin knees, changed umpteen baby diapers, washed a load or two of clothes, cooked meals, and, viola, it's bedtime. Taking time to savor beautiful moments in our busy days will give us happy thoughts to look back on as we close our eyes to sleep. It will also implant happy memories in our brains, so that we treasure each wonderful stage of life.

When the empty nest comes and time flies even faster and faster to us, a habit of gratitude truly serves us well. Instead of looking back on time that was squandered in haste, we will be able to look back on time that was treasured. We will have the satisfaction of having spent earlier years well. Yet, we will also be able to move forward, because we will still be offering thanks. We will enjoy our new stage of life, just as much as we enjoyed our earlier days.


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